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Renting the Waypoint Way.

Waypoint is largely focused on the listing and selling of properties across Maine, but rentals are a key element of our business landscape. We’re proud to work with property owners and renters alike to meet their needs in this always-changing market.

All of our rental business is facilitated through Tyson Wilkins, a founding partner at Waypoint with over 24 years of experience. His calm and confident approach, paired with endless connections across Maine, means you’re in the very best of care. That’s the Waypoint way.



Let’s lease your home the right way.

If you’re a property owner in Maine who’s ready to lease your space, we understand if it all feels a bit overwhelming. Lining up proper paperwork and finding the right tenants isn’t easy, after all. But Waypoint is here to help.

Our rental expert, Tyson Wilkins, will work diligently to rent your home to the right people, at the right price, at the right time. His specialty lies in the southern Maine region, anywhere from Saco and Freeport, with lease periods that last at least one month long. But no matter your situation, reach out today and we’ll find a way to help you move forward.

Living Area of Home


Skip the searching. We’ll show you the way.

Whether you’re looking for a year-round lease, or need a place to stay for a month (or two, or three, or six) while finding the perfect home to buy, Waypoint has you covered. Our rental expert, Tyson Wilkins, will guide your search across southern Maine (typically between Saco and Freeport) to ensure you end up right where you want to be, within your budget.

With the competitive nature of rentals in our area, it can feel impossible to find the right place. But if someone can find a way, it’s Tyson.

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Personal Information
Current Residence
Previous Residence
Relationship Status
Type of Apartment Desired
List Name & Relationship of each person who will be living with you
Vehicle(s) Information
Personal References
In case of emergency, please notify
Certification and consent

I authorize Waypoint Brokers Collective to access my personal credit report, to contact any companies, individuals, government entities, and/or consumer or credit reporting bureaus for the purposes of verifying information herein, reporting on any past criminal, credit and rental history, and providing any and all such information including this application to the herein above referenced Owner/Manager. I also authorize and consent to the permanent recording and retention by Portside Real Estate Group of this application.

I herein swear and affirm the information contained in this application is true and complete. I understand that material misstatements or misrepresentations herein may serve as a basis to deny my application, and could be deemed a possible breach of any lease I might subsequently enter.